Lounge menu

soups | starts

classIc french onIon
~ 9

red wine, caramelized onion, gruyere, parm, crispy onion, garlic crostini

forest mushroom
~ 7 / 9

cremini, field, chive sour cream

baked potato bing bread
~ 9 3/4

stuffed with smoked bacon, scallions, three cheese, sour cream butter

stuffed yorkie bites
~ 12

forest thyme mushroom, parm, shaved prime rib, horseradish cream over bordelaise sauce

dry ribs
~ 11

w/sweet cajun dust

~ 13 1/4

red tortilla, tomato, onion, jalapeño, house salsa, cumin sour cream

tempura tuna roll
~ 10 3/4

ahi tuna, cucumber, avocado, sushi rice, nori seaweed, black & white sesame w/edamame wasabi purée, tobiko, pickled ginger

vegetable tempura
~ 9 1/4

sweet potato, carrot, peppers, red onion, green bean, maple hoisin ginger

beef carpaccio
~ 14 1/4

garlic thyme funghi, oven-dried tomato, arugula, parm, truffle oil, crostini

gustav wings
~ 12 1/2

signature bbq, red hot, spicy thai, soya honey garlic or chipotle mango rub

crab cakes
~ 14 1/2

langoustine, king crab, tiger shrimp, spicy garlic aioli

spicy tempura calamari
~ 12 1/4

charred jalapeño & bell pepper, pickled ginger, sour cream, avocado purée

~ 10

clarified butter, garlic, gruyere, parmesan

seafood mushroom caps
~ 11 1/4

neptune medley, gruyere, swiss

steamed mussels
~ 15 1/2

choice of arrabbiata, thai coconut or white wine & garlic

salsiccia puff tart
~ 11 3/4

chorizo, caramelized onion, blue cheese, arugula, puff pastry

gustav signature charcuterie board
~ sm / lg 13 / 24

local salumi & salami, marinated olives, cornichons, grainy ale mustard, crostini, in-house cheese


~ 8 / 11

romaine hearts, roasted kale, smoked bacon, parmesan, garlic herb crouton, roasted garlic lime dressing

~ 9

crisp iceberg, smoked bacon, crumbled danish blue cheese, grape tomato, red onion, creamy buttermilk blue cheese dressing

asian salad
~ 12

organic micro greens, red & yellow peppers, edamame, cremini, carrot julienne, cucumber, ginger sesame asian vinaigrette

heirloom beet
~ 12

chive goat cheese, roasted pistachio, maple balsamic reduction, organic micro greens

sesame seared ahi tuna
~ 18

quinoa, hempseed, crispy rice noodles, spicy kimchi, edamame, pickled ginger, artisan greens, asian dressing

lounge entrees

georgian bay burger
~ 12 3/4

fresh ground sirloin, artisan lettuce, tomato, red onion, garlic pickle with yukon gold frites or garden salad

the georgian smashburger
~ 16 3/4

fresh ground sirloin, peameal bacon, aged cheddar, sautéed mushroom, crispy onions, artisan lettuce, tomato, red onion, garlic pickle, tomato jalapeño relish, grainy ale mustard with yukon gold frites or garden salad

ramen noodle bowl
~ 16

thai chicken, egg, kimchi, carrots, peppers, red onion, edamame, mushroom, rice noodles

schnitzel sandwich
~ 16 1/4

tomato sauce, sautéed peppers, red onion & mushroom, mixed cheese, on a toasted garlic baguette with yukon gold frites or garden salad

fish n' chips
~ 17 3/4

halibut in creemore springs beer batter with house made tartar and lemon

shaved prime rib
~ 18 1/4

shaved prime rib, peppercorn sauce, grainy mustard, horseradish aoli on garlic baguette with yukon gold frites or garden salad

bbq grilled chicken sandwich
~ 17 3/4

artisan greens, tomato, pickled red onion marmalade, aged cheddar with yukon gold frites or garden salad

east coast clubhouse
~ 17 3/4

lobster & shrimp salad, dill, smoked peameal bacon, tomato, artisan greens on rye with yukon gold frites or garden salad

grilled portobello
~ 17 1/4

grilled marinated portobello mushroom, quinoa, crispy chickpea, hempseed, chive goat cheese, heirloom tomato, artisan greens, micro sprout, herb infused olive oil with yukon gold frites or garden salad

flatbread pizza

~ 13 1/2

basil, fior di latte, herb tomato sauce, parmesan

~ 16

salumi, caramelized onions, artisan greens, danish blue cheese, parmesan, herb tomato sauce

mushroom arugula
~ 14

forest mushroom, arugula, mornay sauce, chive goat cheese, parmesan

~ 16

forest mushroom, applewood smoked bacon, pepperoni, fior di latte, herb tomato sauce, parmesan


fresh cut yukon gold frites
~ 6

w/sea salt, truffle aioli

sweet potato fries
~ 8

w/chipotle aioli