lunch menu

served daily from 12pm to 5pm

lighter fare

caesar salad
~ 10¾ / 14¾

romaine, bacon, parm, crouton, roasted garlic lime dressing

wedge salad
~ 14

iceberg, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, grape tomato, red onion, blue cheese dressing

heirloom beet salad
~ 14

chive goat cheese, roasted pistachio, maple balsamic reduction, micro greens

spicy tempura calamari
~ 15

tempura batter, jalapeño aioli, chipotle aioli

~ 10¾

clarified butter, garlic, gruyere, parmesan

dry ribs
~ 12

choice of signature bbq sauce, red hot, spicy thai, soya honey garlic, chipotle mango dry rub or cajun dry rub

mixed greens salad
~ 9

with maple balsamic dressing

classic shrimp cocktail
~ 12 / 20 / 36

jumbo tiger shrimp with fresh cut lemon and horseradish cocktail sauce. choice of 3, 6 or 12 shrimp

gustav wings
~ 15

Signature bbq, red hot, spicy thai, soya honey garlic or chipotle mango rub

fish & chips
~ 21¾

halibut in creemore springs beer batter with house made tartar and lemon w/ yukon gold fries

georgian bay burger
~ 16

fresh ground sirloin, artisan lettuce, tomato, red onion, garlic pickle w/yukon gold fries or garden salad

gustav charcuterie board
~ 22

local salumi & salami, pork terrine, marinated olives, cornichons, grainy ale mustard, crostini, in-house cheese

bbq chicken sandwich
~ 18¾

artisan greens, tomato, pickled red onion marmalade, aged cheddar with yukon gold fries or garden salad

seafood croquettes
~ 15½

crab, pacific salmon, shrimp, chipotle aioli

Chefs famous french onion soup
~ 13¼


gourmet flatbreads

~ 17¼

pesto, fior di latte, herb tomato sauce, parmesan

bbq chicken
~ 19

signature bbq sauce, caramelized onions, peppers, bocconcini

mushroom arugula
~ 17¾

forest mushroom, arugula, mornay sauce, chive goat cheese, parmesan

~ 19

forest mushroom, applewood smoked bacon, pepperoni, fior di latte, herb tomato sauce, parmesan



mushroom chicken penne
~ 30

grilled chicken, grape tomato, garlic, mushroom, goat cheese, onion, arugula, white wine truffle cream sauce

beef stroganoff pappardelle
~ 35

seared beef, mushroom, peppers, red onion, cream, veal demi, swiss & gruyere, sour cream, green onion

baby back ribs
~ 28 (half) / 36 (full)

signature bbq sauce, yukon gold fries, medley of vegetables

top sirloin | 6oz or 8oz
~ 30 / 34

w/ choice of two sides

filet mignon | 6oz or 8oz
~ 41 / 48

w/ applewood smoke bacon & two sides

new york striploin | 10oz
~ 55

w/ choice of two sides

kansas city striploin | 16oz
~ 65

w/ choice of two sides

bone-in ribeye | 20oz
~ 75

w/ choice of two sides

surf & turf
~ 57 / 61

6oz / 8oz - atlantic lobster tail & top sirloin w/choice of one side
6oz / 8oz - alaskan king crab & top sirloin w/choice of one side

~ 67 / 71

sirloin oscar
~ 41 / 45

6oz / 8oz - topped w/béarnaise sauce, crab & sautéed asparagus, w/choice of one side

alaskan king crab legs
~ 75

lemon garlic chive butter w/choice of one side

cauliflower steak
~ 28

grilled cauliflower, garam marsala w/ choice of two sides

St. Tropez chicken
~ 28

lemon, garlic, thyme & dijon mustard marinade, potato au gratin, medley of vegetables

red snapper
~ 32

mango chipotle blackened red snapper, mango jalapeño pico, over rice and peas.

bordelaise or peppercorn sauce
~ 5

bearnaise sauce
~ 6



baked potato


yukon gold fries w/ truffle aioli


sweet potato fries w/ chipotle aioli


roasted fingerling potatoes


chef's vegetables


garlic thyme mushrooms


mashed potatoes


potato au gratin


loaded baked potato


Welcome to the family.

Who is Gustav?

It all started in the late 1800’s.. a young Gustav Johann Garbe got on a boat from Bremen, Germany to New York, destined for the North West Territories of Canada. Gustav stood up and stood out, always with family, friends and community at the forefront of his mind. His drive, passion and core values have directed four generations of self made entrepreneurs to where we find ourselves today.

John Garbe, in the name of his great grandfather, has assembled a team of exceptional professionals. The culinary artists, led by Chef Jeff Anderson, have over a century of combined experience. The menu has been carefully developed, relying on local farmers and community for unsurpassed cuisine. The service experience is firmly rooted in family and friends. This is Gustav.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.