Welcome to the family.

The late 1800’s saw unprecedented emigration from Europe to North America.

The promise of a future and prosperity drove a young Gustav Johann Garbe to get on a boat from Bremen, Germany to New York, destined for the North West Territories of Canada. The first in a line of entrepreneurs, Gustav was grounded in family and community.

In business, he brought supplies, telephone and power to the growing new province of Saskatchewan while providing leadership and guidance through both his local school board and town council. His children carried on that spirit, passing down through two more generations to today.

Gustav’s values, we have brought an experience that is grounded in family and community. From ours to yours, the menu has been painstakingly developed drawing from collective experiences, relying on local farmers and community for unsurpassed cuisine. Exceptional service, rooted in family atmosphere , creating a lasting imprint and lifetime memories.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.